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  • I live in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • My occupation is Keeping the peace and justice
  • I am male
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'''Contact me'''
'''Contact me'''
* [[User talk:Team69Roll|Use my Talk Page]]
* [[User talk:Team69Roll|Use my Talk Page]]
'''Signature''' <br />
'''Signature''' <br />

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My Objective You'll see me offending and mistreating other user NO, you'll see a correct, updated and fair wikia, though I don't really occupy myself with unfair people. I am a updated control editor and I tend to do the best as I can to make pages, articles and off course the best pictures that I can find. (in my opinion).

Who am I? I am a peaceful and fair wikia editor, and wrestling fanatic. I mostly watch promotions such as WWE, TNA, ROH, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate and many others (which is an hobby),

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