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'''Public Banning Record:'''
{| cellpadding="8" style="border:2px solid #183666; font-family:Segoe UI, sans-serif; margin:1em auto 1em auto; width:95%; border-radius:10px; padding:4px;"
The following is a public display of the acts the user has done to lead to a permanate ban:<br>
| style="vertical-align:top;" |
- Content stealing<br>
- Intimidating behaviour/harassment<br>
- Threats of hacking causing a extended ban<br>
- foul mouth threats<br>
- contently lying to wikia staff<br>
- overall constant annoyance<br>
[[Category:Banned Users]]
'''My Objective''' You'll see me offending and mistreating other user NO, you'll see a correct, updated and fair wikia, though I don't really occupy myself with unfair people. I am a updated control editor and I tend to do the best as I can to make pages, articles and off course the best pictures that I can find. (in my opinion).
'''Who am I?''' I am a peaceful and fair wikia editor, and wrestling fanatic. I mostly watch promotions such as WWE, TNA, ROH, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate and many others (which is an hobby),
| style="width:30%; border-left:1px dashed #183666; vertical-align:top;" |
'''Contact me'''
* [[User talk:Team69Roll|Use my Talk Page]]
'''Signature''' <br />
==My favorite pages==
*[[Open The Dream Gate Championship]]
*[[Open The Twin Gate Championship]]
*[[Open The Brave Gate Championship]]

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Public Banning Record: The following is a public display of the acts the user has done to lead to a permanate ban:
- Content stealing
- Intimidating behaviour/harassment
- Threats of hacking causing a extended ban
- foul mouth threats
- contently lying to wikia staff
- overall constant annoyance

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