Post-show celebration of Ultimo Dragon's twentieth anniversary as a professional wrestler.

The Ultimo Dragon 20th Anniversary was an Ultimo Dragon Productions event. It took place on July 22, 2007 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. It drew roughly 1,120 fans.


The show was one of two events to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Ultimo Dragon as a professional wrestler. The first occured in Toryumon Mexico on May 13, 2007 with DragonMania II. This event would serve as the Japan-based celebration while the earlier was Mexico-based.

Kanjuro Matsuyama served as the special guest referee in the singles match between Mima Shimoda and Yumiko Hotta. Matsuyama would be accused of sexually harrassing the competitors, at one point feeling up Shimoda in the guise of performing a full body check. He would fast count Shimoda's pin over Hotta in an attempt for appeasement. However, hardly any one was happy about his actions and it was decided that there would be a Three-Way Dance with all three involved. While this would be seen as giving Matsuyama a pass to continue with his actions, Shimoda would ultimately pin Matsuyama for the victory. Shimoda herself would be celebrating her twentieth anniversary as a professional wrestler the following month.

Kazuchika Okada was given a graduation ceremony following his match as he would be joining New Japan Pro Wrestling and moving up in weight class from junior heavyweight to heavyweight.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 El Blazer and Fujita Hayato defeated Shinji Nohashi and Takeshi Minamino Tag Team Match 10:13
2 Mima Shimoda defeated Yumiko Hotta Singles Match 3:20
3 Katsushi Takemura and NOSAWA defeated Alexander Otsuka and Rascal Matsuzaki Tag Team Match 11:42
4 Dan Paysan and Derek Wylde defeated Joe E. Potter and Osiris Tag Team Match 11:00
5 Hajime Ohara, Masao Orihara, and Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Kazuchika Okada, and Milano Collection AT Six-Man Tag Team Match 13:28
6 Mima Shimoda defeated Kanjuro Matsuyama and Yumiko Hotta Three-Way Dance 20:41
7 Samurai Shiro defeated Hisamaru Tajima Singles Match 3:35
8 Takuma Sano and Ultimo Dragon defeated El Texano Jr. and Negro Navarro Tag Team Match 12:30
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