Toryumon X
Founded August 22, 2003
Closed September 9, 2004
Headquarters Japan
Founder(s) Ultimo Dragon
Owner(s) Ultimo Dragon
Parent Toryumon Mexico

Toryumon X was a spin-off promotion consisting of the third class graduates of the Ultimo Dragon Gym. Unlike its predecessors Toryumon Japan and Toryumon 2000 Project, Toryumon X was not able to take off and closed within months of its launch. Virtually none of the talent in this group were initially brought into Toryumon Japan, save for Naoki Tanizaki.


On August 22, 2003, a third Toryumon promotion was put together made up of students who graduated from the Ultimo Dragon Gym. As a means of separating them from Toryumon Japan and Toryumon 2000 Project, Toryumon X had a greater emphasis on the actual lucha libre-style of wrestling in general as opposed to a collective mix.

It has been implied that everyone in the group was brought up sooner than they were supposed to and were immediately pressured to be at the level Toryumon Japan and T2P were at. Some of whom never even made their debut at all. Poor decision making, bad booking, and the obvious inexperience of the talent was all too apparent and Toryumon X was closed in early 2004, though they would have a final show on September 9 of that year.

Of all of the talent in the group, only Naoki Tanizaki was initially brought into Toryumon Japan while everyone else scattered. The group's inability to take off has been seen as one of the reasons for the split in 2004 that resulted in the formation of Dragon Gate.


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