Yoshiyuki Saito, better known as Super Shisa, is a 1st Term graduate of the Ultimo Dragon Gym. He actively wrestles in Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling.



Saito was the first student of the Ultimo Dragon Gym to wrestle, making his debut on June 30, 1996. He officially graduated the following year and, competing as simply SAITO, would become an integral part in the development of Toryumon. He was a top line player through the early years of the promotion, culminating in a trip to Pro Wrestling Kageki in 2000 along with Chocoball KOBE. During the trip, SAITO would enter a tournament for the Hakata City Junior Heavyweight Championship, which he would win after defeating Daiyu Kawuchi in the final round.

In late 2001, SAITO made the sudden announcement that he was retiring. He added that his place in Toryumon would be filled by his first student, Super Shisa. A Sayonara SAITO series of matches was held, during which he did not win a single match and ended up with five loses and a double countout against Yasushi Kanda. He would compete in his last match as SAITO in a loss against Shuji Kondon on October 28, 2001.

Super Shisa

Super Shisa would make his debut on November 8, 2001 in a ten minute draw against Keni'chiro Arai. For several months, fans would constantly harass him into admitting that he really is SAITO. He would steadfastly refused. While the fans stopped their harassing him, they still believed he was SAITO, but accepted him as Super Shisa.

Shisa would spend the majority of his career near the bottom of the card in Toryumon and then Dragon Gate. At first, he had no intention of joining a unit until he hooked up with the short lived Waku Waku Fuji Land group led by Don Fuji. The group would end up being designed to bridge the gap between Crazy MAX and the soon-to-form Blood Generation. When Blood Generation came to be, the initial basis was for a clean face concept, meaning no masks. Fuji gave Shisa the ultimatum of unmasking or leave the group. Fans began chanting SAITO's name, but Shisa declined and left.

Shisa would later hook up with the Magnum TOKYO developed PosHEARTS unit. However, PosHEARTS would enter a hiatus due to TOKYO getting injured not long after it began and appointed leader Anthony W. Mori briefly joining Tozawajuku for polishing. In the meantime, the Shisa lineage would be introduced as King Shisa and Shisa BOY appeared in 2006. This group ended up being short lived when the Muscle Outlaw'z outed King Shisa as the devious Mexican heel Pentagon Black. He would revert to the gimmick and join up with the heel group for the remainder of his stay.

PosHEARTS would reunite shortly thereafter and end up winning the Open The Triangle Gate Championship, the first title Shisa held in the promotion dating back to its beginnings. Their reign with the belts and their stay as a unit would not last. Towards the end of 2006, they lost the titles to the Muscle Outlaw'z under an added stipulation that the group would disband if they lost. During the match, Shisa took a great deal of damage to the head that it cause his mask to tear and left him bleeding. With little choice, Shisa voluntarily demasked in the middle of the match and outed himself as being SAITO, much to the delight of fans. Nevertheless, he would continue being Super Shisa afterward.

Following the dissolution of PosHEARTS, Shisa continued wrestling low on the card. He has primarily focused on his duties as a trainer at the Dragon Gate dojo. When on the main roster, he was generally aligned with the thirty-and-over group that included fellow veterans Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fuji, K-ness, and Magnitude Kishiwada for a short time. Shisa has also ventured into smaller Japanese independent promotions to compete and acting as an ambassador on behalf of Dragon Gate.

On Februrary 27, 2010, Shisa stunned everyone by defeating K-ness for the Open The Brave Gate Championship. It improved his rank slightly and he began to wrestle higher on the cards. His reign lasted for just under two months before losing it to Tigers Mask of Osaka Pro Wrestling as part of a storyline feud between the two promotions. Once again, Shisa would fall back into his previous position on the card. His most recent activity has been accepting Mochizuki's invitation into his unnamed group to combat the growing Blood WARRIORS on May 14, 2011 in preparation for war.

Unit History

  • Waku Waku Fuji Land (2004-2005)
  • PosHEARTS (2005-2006)
  • Shisa Family (2006)
  • Junction Three (2011-2012)

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