Founded 2009
Headquarters Japan
Formerly El Dorado
Website Official Japanese Website

SECRET BASE is the third in a line of promotions based around the Dragon System that tried to be an alternative to Dragon Gate. While still using the "event" premise of the previous promotions DragonDoor and El Dorado, SECRET BASE has taken to a more low key and basic approach in the presentation of their shows. Given the relatively small amount of wrestlers on the roster, the promotion looks to merely attract the attention of fans through word of mouth and DVD distribution.


The promotion ran their first show on February 27, 2009 at Isami Wrestle Arena, which has been their primary base of operations. Due to the lack of space of seating in the venue, they draw generally around 40-60 attendance. They have since managed to run shows at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, where they draw around 80-100 attendance on average. To date, it is the longest running Dragon System alternative aside from Toryumon Mexico and remains active.

Much of the shows are based around the SECRET BASE talent facing off against outside talent as a means of getting stronger individually and collectively. Much of their rivalry of late has been with Big Japan Wrestling with many of the SECRET BASE talent appearing in BJW shows, including the two co-promoting shows, allowing for SECRET BASE to expand to a wider audience.



Championship Current champion(s) Date won
Captain of the SECRET BASE Mototsugu Shimizu September 22, 2015
Captain of the SECRET BASE TAG TEAM Bear Fukuda and Masato Shibata May 15, 2016


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