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Open the United Gate Championship
Promotion(s) Dragon Gate USA
Date Established January 30, 2011
Date Retired May 30, 2015

The Open The United Gate Championship was the top tag team championship in Dragon Gate USA. It was recognized by parent promotion Dragon Gate, through which it had been defend in Japan on occasion. It was also the top tag team championship in EVOLVE as a result of the promotion's merger with DGUSA.


The first champions were crowned on January 30, 2011 in Union City, New Jersey in the main event of United: Finale. WORLD 1 of Masato Yoshino and PAC were awarded the championship after winning a three-night round robin tournament that was held. The first title change occurred on September 11, 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when Blood Warriors of CIMA and Ricochet defeated Yoshino and PAC in a Title vs. Title Match where the Open The Twin Gate Championship were also on the line.

The titles would be vacated twice. The first time would be on March 30, 2012 due to CIMA being unable to compete as a result of an injury from the previous night. A decision match was immediately made where WORLD-1 INTERNATIONAL Masato Yoshino and Ricochet defeated Ronin of Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano. However, they would end up vacating the titles again on June 12, 2012 without making a defense due to Yoshino becoming unable to compete in Dragon Gate USA for the remainder of 2012. A decision match would be made for July 29, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. On May 30, 2015, Gargano retired the titles after a title defense.

Title History

# Tag Team
(Individual Reigns)
Team Reigns Date Location Length Defenses Notes
1 WORLD-1/Junction Three
Masato Yoshino and PAC
1 January 30, 2011 Union City, New Jersey 224 Days 3 Defeated Ronin (Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano) in tournament finals.
2 Blood Warriors
CIMA and Ricochet
1 September 11, 2011 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 201 Days 2 Title vs. Title Match also for Open The Twin Gate Championship.
Vacated March 30, 2012 Miami Beach, Florida CIMA and Ricochet vacated titles due to CIMA injury.
Masato Yoshino (2) and Ricochet (2)
1 March 30, 2012 Miami Beach, Florida 83 Days 0 Defeated Ronin (Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano) in a decision match.
Vacated June 21, 2012 Masato Yoshino and Ricochet vacated titles due to Yoshino's inability to compete in DGUSA for the remainder of 2012.
4 AR Fox and CIMA (2) 1 July 29, 2012 Chicago, Illinois 251 3 Defeated WORLD-1 INTERNATIONAL (Rich Swann and Ricochet) in a decision match.
5 The Young Bucks
Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson
1 April 6, 2013 Secaucus, New Jersey 224 2
6 The Bravado Brothers
Harlem Bravado and Lancelot Bravado
1 November 16, 2013 Queens, New York 302 5
7 The Premier Athlete Brand
Anthony Nese, Caleb Konley and Trent Baretta
1 Setember 14, 2014 Brooklyn, New York 216 3 Nese and Konley defeated The Bravado Brothers in a three-way elimination match, also involving the team of AR Fox and Rich Swann. They defended the title with Baretta under the Freebird Rule.
8 Ronin
Johnny Gargano and Rich Swann
1 April 18, 2015 Brooklyn, New York 42 1 Defeated Nese and Konley.
Deactivated May 30, 2015 Queens, New York Gargano vacated and retired the titles.


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