MadoGiwa Windows
Background Information
Current Members
Former Members Keni'chiro Arai
Super Shisa
Shisa BOY
Debut May 10, 2012
Disbanded July 22, 2013
Promotion Dragon Gate

WindowsMG (Mado Giwa Windows) was one of the stables, in the Dragon Gate promotion. It was formed in May 10, 2012 by Keni'chiro Arai, K-ness, Masamune, Super Shisa, Shisa BOY and Kotoka.


In late 2013, Kotoka asked Masato Yoshino to join World-1 International, but Yoshino refused and instead Kotoka formed a stable with Keni'chiro Arai, K-ness, Super Shisa and Shisa BOY named WindowsMG. On June 7, 2012 K-ness, Arai and Shisa defeated Team Veteran Returns (CIMA, Don Fujii & Masaaki Mochizuki) to become to 1 Contenders for the Open the Triangle Gate Championship. They would later lose to WORLD-1 International (Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi & PAC). On June 17, 2012 Arai and K-ness failed to win the vacated Open the Twin Gate Championship by losing to Jimmyz (Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Susumu) and Mad Blankey (BxB Hulk & Naoki Tanisaki). On August 2, 2012 Arai defeated Stalker Ichikawa to win the Open the Owarai Gate Championship. In August 2012 Arai, Shisa and Shachihoko participated in Summer Adventure Tag League and finished with 2 points with 1 victory and 2 losses. Masamune joined the stable as a Supportive Member. On December 20, 2012 Arai lost the Open the Owarai Gate Champion to Kikutaro. On July 22, 2013 Windows was disband when Arai, K-ness and Shisa joined We Are Team Veteran.

Championships and accomplishments

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