King of Chop is a singles tournament held in Dragon Gate. This is a little different as it is not so much a wrestling tournament, but rather a tournament to determine who had the strongest chop.

The competitors will each exchange three chops. The primary goal is to chop the opponent so hard that they surrender, generally by ringing the bell personally. If no one gives up, the decision will then be deferred to the fans. Under the rare circumstance that the fan decision is split, the competitors will each be given an extra chop. The bonus exchanges could continue until one surrenders or the fan decision is more decisive. In the final round, the number of exchanges is indefinite and can only stop when a competitor surrenders or General Manager/Referee Takayuki Yagi appeals for a fan decision.

2012 King of Chop

The first tournament took place on April 16, 2012 at Kobe Sambo Hall in Hyogo. The tournament had been announced at the previous Sambo Hall show on March 18 along with the sixteen participants. It was further announced that the winner would receive a 300,000 yen cash prize and a special privilege of their choosing, which could be virtually anything from a title shot or match making rights.

The theme music to the American television series Mission: Impossible was used as the music theme for the tournament. The first round took place following the first match on the card, the second round followed the third match, and the last two rounds followed the main event.

  First round Second round Semifinals Finals
   CIMA 3-3  
   Jimmy Kagetora Fan  
     Jimmy Kagetora 3-3  
     Don Fujii Fan  
   Don Fujii 3-2
   Rich Swann Quit  
     Don Fujii 2-3  
     Eita Kobayashi Quit  
   Eita Kobayashi 2-2  
   Mondai Ryu Quit  
     Eita Kobayashi 3-3
     Cyber Kong Fan  
   Naruki Doi 3-3
   Cyber Kong Fan  
     Eita Kobayashi 10-10
     Tomahawk T.T Fan
   Kotoka 3-3  
   YAMATO Fan  
     YAMATO 3-3
     Tomahawk T.T Fan  
   Tomahawk T.T 3-3
   Super Shisa Fan  
     Tomahawk T.T 2-3
     Masaaki Mochziuki Quit  
   Masato Yoshino 3-3  
   Akira Tozawa Fan  
     Masato Yoshino 5-5
     Masaaki Mochizuki Fan (2)  
   Masaaki Mochizuki 3-3
   Shingo Takagi Fan  

"Naoki Tanisaki" was originally listed as a participant, but he was "unable to show." He was "replaced" in the tournament by Tomahawk T.T.

Mondai Ryu surrendered by Akira Tozawa throwing in the towel for him.

Not only did Masato Yoshino and Masaaki Mochizuki have the first fan decision split, but they had two, forcing a total of five chop exchanges before the fan decision was more decisive.

Yagi allowed for the chop exchanges in the final round to go up to ten before appeal to a fan decision.

For his victory prize, Eita Kobayashi requested from "Open The Dream Gate Champion" CIMA to be included into the King of Gate tournament, even though all sixteen participants had already been announced. CIMA chose to bow out of King of Gate, allowing for Kobayashi to partipate. Kobayashi also noted his wish to partake on a learning excursion to Mexico when CIMA next tours the country. CIMA informed him that if he could memorize 100 Spanish words by the next Sambo Hall show, he will let him go, but warned him that he will be tested in the ring.

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