I-J Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
Promotion(s) Dragon Gate
Date Established August 6, 2006
Date Retired October 12, 2007

The I-J Heavyweight Tag Team Championship was a tag team championship promoted by Dragon Gate until October 12, 2007. This title was the first tag team championship in Japan dedicated to junior heavyweight wrestlers.


It was created in WAR on February 23, 1996 when Gedo and Lionheart defeated Lance Storm and Yuji Yasuraoka in a tournament final. It was deemed inactive in 2000 when WAR folded, and was later revived by Dragon Gate on August 8, 2006. The I-J belts would be unified with the new Open The Twin Gate Championship, a tag title made specifically for Dragon Gate, on October 12, 2007. In September 2010, the championship was reactivated by Tenryu Project.

Title history

# Team Reigns Date Days held Location Event Notes
1 Don Fujii and Masaaki Mochizuki 1 August 6, 2006 154 Nagoya The Gate Of Adventure Tour Defeated Gamma and Dr. Muscle in a tournament final to revive the title in Dragon Gate.
2 Gedo and Jado 1 January 7, 2007 175 Tokyo NJPW Battle Hall Live Vol. 1 This match was also for Gedo and Jado's IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship.
3 Typhoon
(Ryo Saito and Susumu Yokosuka)
1 July 1, 2007 83 Kobe Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling Festival in Kobe 2007
4 Tozawa-juku
(Keni'chiro Arai and Taku Iwasa)
1 September 22, 2007 20 Tokyo Storm Gate 2007 - Tag 7
5 Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino 1 October 12, 2007 0 Tokyo The Gate Of Victory 2007 - Tag 4 This match was to unify the I-J title into the new Open the Twin Gate title.
- Unified - October 12, 2007 - - - Unified with the Open the Twin Gate title.



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