The Greatest Golden League was a round-robin tournament held in El Dorado to determine the strongest wrestler in the promotion for the year. The tournament would be held over the course of several shows in May and August.

Tournament Winner


The first and last Greatset Golden League took place over the course of sixteen shows from May 30-August 15, 2008. In this year's league, there were fifteen participants broken up into two blocks. The points leaders from each block received entry into the tournament.

Block A Kondo KAGETORA Ibushi Sugawara Shu Pts.
Shuji Kondo ± X O O 5
Kota Ibushi O X O X 4
Takuya Sugawara X O X O 4
Brahman Shu X X O X 2
Block B Kishiwada Owashi Fukuda YASSHI Oyanagi Pts.
Magnitude Kishiwada O O O O 8
Toru Owashi X O O O 6
Bear Fukuda X X O O 4
"brother" YASSHI X X X O 2
Kinya Oyanagi X X X X 0
Semi-finals Final
 Shuji Kondo Pin  
 Toru Owashi 15:08  
     Shuji Kondo Pin
   Magnitude Kishiwada 18:30
 Magnitude Kishiwada Pin
 KAGETORA 13:26  
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