The Florida Express, sometimes known as The Florida Brothers, is a collection of gimmick characters that began in Toryumon Japan and crossed over into Dragon Gate. They are primarily comedy acts competing in the opening or mid-card position of every show. Though there was a point where there had been up to four members teaming together, they have never really been recognized as an official unit.


Michael Iwasa

Identity: Taku Iwasa
Timeline: November 29, 2003 - April 23, 2006

Daniel Mishima

Identity: Raimu Mishima
Timeline: November 29, 2003 - April 23, 2006

Johnson Florida

Identity: Takayuki Yagi
Timeline: March 10, 2004 - Present

Kenskee Sasaki

Identity: Kensuke Sasaki
Timeline: September 17, 2004 - November 6, 2005

Jackson Florida

Ideneity: Koji Shishido
Timeline: July 3, 2005 - Present

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