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Help the Wiki

Since the split between Ultimo Dragon and and the promotion that would become Dragon Gate in 2004, information on talent that have graduated from the Ultimo Dragon Gym since has become harder to obtain. The Dragon System Wiki is seeking any help in keeping track of these wrestlers, whoever they may be. Ideal data include name, height, weight, and date of debut, though additional statistics are appreciated. We are primarily seeking those who have officially graduated from the dojo, but we will be interested in those who have trained under Ultimo Dragon, regardless of whether they are Japanese or gaijin.

If you have information on any Ultimo Dragon Gym graduates that have not yet been listed, please contact the wiki administrator.

About the Wiki

Dragon System Wiki is a wiki focusing on all of the wrestlers, promotions, championships, events, and more that are and have been associated with the Dragon System style of wrestling.

The Dragon System is a style or discipline of wrestling developed by Ultimo Dragon. It combines together all of his experiences wrestling the traditional Japanese Puroresu, Mexican Lucha Libre, and American Sports Entertainment. The result is a high-flying, fast-pace, breath-taking action that has revolutionized wrestling since its introduction in 1997.

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